2022 Retreat Sessions

Opening Keynote - Molly Kennedy
Creating the Champion Within

During this engaging and high energy keynote, you will learn how to improve your mental fitness and develop a resilient mindset that fosters confidence and success. You will learn how to get back UP after you get knocked down.

Finding the Power from Within: Building Confidence and Self-Love

You are smart, kind, brave and confident! Confidence is a vital skill for anyone to have and self-love is a reminder of our worth. Join Self Love Beauty as they dive into the importance of finding the power from within through exploring positive self-talk, building confidence and more. Their energy will inspire you to believe in yourself and see all of your potential. Presenters: Lisa Thompson & Chelsea Ebnit
4th & 5th Grade

Feel It Out & Let It Out

Emotions can get sticky sometimes, so having the tools to understand and share your emotions can be the best superpower out there! During this workshop, you will learn about your inside & out emotions like happy, sad, fear, disgust and anger. You'll also explore ways to talk about your feelings and get support from your family and friends.
Presenters: Sue Nguyen & Victoria Baker / Cara Vealey & Bailey Akers
4th & 5th Grade

Empowering Yourself and Those Around You

Through a series of community building activities and discussion prompts this workshop will offer strategies that will empower you to develop a healthy self-identity while simultaneously providing effective methods of navigating conflict and maintaining healthy relationships. You will be able to form community and learn what it means to be empowered & how to empower others.
Presenters: Grit, Glam & Guts Ambassadors: Kennedy Duncan, Niah Cannon, Auset Pope / Clara Freeman & Ma'Syah Watts
6th & 7th Grade

ConquHER Your Stress

Worry and stress can be challenging; however, these feelings can be useful, motivating, and productive. Learn how to recognize when anxiety becomes too much and develop techniques to promote courage in the face of fear and stress. Presenters: Natalie Moser & Jennifer Cronkite
6th & 7th Grade

Dude, I'm Awesome!

Before you lead others, you must lead yourself! Students will reflect and apply the keynote message on a personal level to reduce limiting beliefs and increase empowering beliefs. Presenter: Molly Kennedy
8th & 9th Grade

Unapologetic Leadership: Worry less about glass slippers and more about shattering glass ceilings

This powerhouse panel of CEOs will inspire participants to set out on a path toward their dreams. Each panelist will share her journey to shattering glass ceilings – the challenges, the celebrations, and the lessons they learned. Being a leader starts with finding your voice and believing in your goals, and these leaders will tell you all about it! Presenters: Jill Marlan, Amanda Hayhoe & Kelly Preston

8th & 9th Grade

Self-Defense: Options for Safety & Confidence

This self-defense workshop serves as an introduction to verbal and physical skills that will help girls realize their personal power. Girls will learn physical techniques standing up and also effective movements on the ground. This will be accompanied by drills to help develop strong verbal skills. Presenter: Tanya Panizzo

Communication is Key

Strategies for being a partner in your child’s mental health
Presenters: Jon Novello, Amy Bocian, and Janelle Jones
Parent Session

Our Event DJ!
RyNea Soul

RyNea Soul is a music producer and DJ from Birmingham, AL. She is the founder, and Executive Director of The Initiative for Creative Arts, Inc., an organization that exposes youth to Hip Hop culture, music production, and technology. She is the Creative Director of SheShock Hip Hop, a program of The Initiative for Creative Arts that advocates for and supports girls, and gender-minorities ages 10-18 by providing them real-world opportunities to break barriers in the music industry.