The empowHER Leadership Retreat Board

The volunteer empowHER Leadership Board, comprising 16 dedicated women, including founder Suzy Merchant, leaders from the community, and professionals from MSU, plays a pivotal role in making empowHER a reality year after year. Their diverse backgrounds create a synergy that ensures the program’s success. This is a collective effort to empower and inspire young girls, make a lasting impact on their lives, and foster a community of resilience and confidence.

Volunteer Coordinator Chair OPEN

The Volunteer Coordinator Chair is responsible for recruiting, training and supervising volunteers for the annual empowHER Leadership Retreat. This includes:

  • Serving on the Executive Board and working with the board to ensure volunteer assignments align with the schedule and needs of the retreat

  • Providing the Communications Chair with all necessary recruitment information and forms for the event website

  • Creating volunteer teams for each necessary segment of the event

  • Recruiting volunteers

  • Creating training materials for volunteer team leaders and volunteer teams; Communications Chair can assist with design of these materials

  • Training volunteer team leaders; providing team leaders with materials and information they need to train their teams

  • Confirming volunteers are able to meet their commitment to empowHER

  • Ensuring all volunteers have filled out a background check form

  • Serving as point person on-site for volunteer questions during the event

  • After the event, crafting an email thanking volunteers for their time

  • After the event, collaborating with Mentor Chair, Content Chair and Communications Chair to craft post-event survey

  • Food & Drink Responsibilities: 

    • Securing and coordinating food donations for the annual retreat

    • Contacting previous food donors to ensure they will provide food again

    • Soliciting new in-kind food donations

    • Leading a team of volunteer to pick up donations as needed and managing volunteers to coordinate food service throughout the retreat

  • After the event, thanking all food donors for their contributions

Please fill out the form below and upload your resume and cover letter

Our Team

Suzy Merchant

Suzy Merchant

Former MSU Women's Basketball Head Coach
Janelle Manolakoudis

Janelle Jones

Board Co-Chair and Parent Program Lead Chair
Director for Corporate Events at AF Group
Heather Shea

Heather Shea

Board Co-Chair
Women's Student Services in place of the MSU Student Life & Engagement

Amy Bocian

Parent Program Co-Chair
headshot - Jessica Carnacchi

Jessica Carnacchi

Event Chair
Auxiliary Sports Group in MSU Student Life & Engagement
Danielle Matlick_08917_4x6 - Danielle Matlick

Danielle Matlick

Fundraising Co-Chair (Donor Relations)
Advancement in MSU Student Life & Engagement
Jodi Albaitis HS

Jodi Albaitis

Fundraising Co-Chair (sponsorships and grants)
Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation (GRCCT)
Ann Headshot 2021 - Ann Crain

Ann Crain

Content Chair
MSU College of Arts and Letters
Kristine Kletke

Kristine Kletke

Communications Chair
President of PMSI Marketing Group
Facetune_15-09-2023-17-14-57 - Brekelle Davis

Brekelle Davis

Operations & Finance Chair
MSU Broad College of Business
Margaret Selasky

Margaret Selasky

Operations Co-Chair
MSU Women's Basketball
2022_Headshot - Shayna Allen

Shayna Allen

Mentor Chair
TämBwoy Sports Massage
Angela Michael

Angela Michael

Mentor Co-Chair
Recreational Sports and Fitness Services in MSU Student Life & Engagement
8FF766BE-257A-471B-AFDC-D0C3749A5BE6 - Sharron Reed-Davis

Sharron Reed-Davis

Registration Chair
Women*s Student Services in MSU Student Life & Engagement
Meghan Ziehmer

Meghan Ziehmer

Volunteer Chair
Lansing Sports Commission
Gabby Wahla

Gabby Wahla

Volunteer Co-Chair
Assistant Director of Women's Student Services at MSU