2023 Retreat Sessions

Jessica Lundy

You’ve Got This: Making Mental Wellness and Self Care Top Priorities

Jessica wants to help students develop coping and thriving strategies related to school success, feeling isolated, being overwhelmed, and most importantly, how to manage stress and create positive affirmations and self-talk. All of these, she knows, help students feel they are valued, loved, and truly well.

Learning Objectives

  1. Develop strategies to overcome/manage stress
  2. Utilize five powerful words to shift your mindset
  3. Learn how to embrace a lifestyle of gratitude

Wake up with Meditation and Yoga

Start the day with a movement and breath focused practice that invites every participant into deeper awareness of what it means to wake up to one’s own power! Learn the utility of yoga as a daily practice and become more aware of the roots and history of this ancient practice.

Learning Objectives

  1. Develop awareness of the function of breath
  2. Discover how yogic movement can build power in oneself
  3. Learn how to drop into practice anytime, anywhere
Jessica Lundy

Winning Every Day

It turns out there is no secret to success, but there is a clear recipe. In this signature program, Jessica Lundy helps audiences to establish clear goals, overcome limiting forces, and develop the type of mindset needed to win every day.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explore goal setting strategies to turn dreams into reality
  2. Develop strategies to overcome fear to achieve success
  3. Consider the importance of accountability and accountability partners

Should Someone Do Something? Being an Active Bystander

Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you could speak up, but in the moment you have no idea what to say or how to jump in? In this session, participants will be introduced to the idea of Bystander Intervention which helps teach skills for keeping ourselves and our peers safe. Participants will reflect on what they see in popular media and situations where Bystander Intervention could be helpful. Through interactive activities and discussion, participants will leave this workshop feeling empowered to step up when they witness harmful behavior and comments in their community.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the 3 Bystander Intervention “styles”.
  2. Recognize signs in situations where Bystander Intervention may be appropriate.
  3. Conceptualize 2 situations in popular media where Bystander intervention strategies could be used to prevent harm.

Social Media Queens: How to slay social media responsibly

We will be discussing the pros and cons of social media so students can be more informed while using the internet. We would like participants to be able to think about their social media use and the feelings that they have while using social media and create solutions to make social media something that promotes their mental health and happiness.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how social media impacts our relationships with ourselves and others
  2. Consider feelings we have while using social media and what those feelings mean
  3. Find ways to use social media for good

Self-Defense: Options for Safety & Confidence

This self-defense workshop serves as an introduction to verbal and physical skills that will help girls realize their personal power. Girls will learn physical techniques standing up and also effective movements on the ground. This will be accompanied by drills to help develop strong verbal skills.

WKAR’s Curious About Careers Interactive Challenge

Explore Your Possibilities with Curious About Careers! Participants will complete an interactive challenge to investigate careers where women work in STEM-related fields as aired on WKAR’s Curious About Careers. This television show is produced in the College of Communications Arts & Sciences at MSU. WKAR Public Media is a local PBS Kids station.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will develop collaboration skills as they compete in an interactive career exploration challenge.
  2. Participants will gain analytical skills as they search for clues about careers in high-demand STEM fields using digital media.
  3. Participants will gain knowledge about stem related career fields.